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Monday, March 2, 2009

You are here. You should be here...

In a fight, where is the best place to stand? That depends.

If you're attacking, the best place to be is barely in range. Here, your opponent will think he's safe when he's not. He'll get hit by moves he otherwise wouldn't because of a false sense of security. At this range, even if he does block, you are harder to retaliate against because you're often out of range.

If you're defending, the best place to be is barely out of range. Here, your opponent will think he can hit you when he can't. He'll be baited to attack when he shouldn't. Also, you limit his attacks to the ones he thinks can reach.

Of course, you're also limited to your long-reaching moves when you're in the ideal attacking position. That is why you should think of this as a principle rather than a rule: If your sole strategy is to stay in the ideal attacking range, you'll become too predictable.

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